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    Your family's story with heart


    It is my deep belief that everyone needs and deserves a ceremony when experiencing loss.

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    Simply Ceremony

  • What We Do

    Your family story is at the heart of what I do.

    Memorials, Funerals, Celebrations of Life are all a time to honour those who are no longer with us.

    You will feel deeply satisfied that your loved one has been remembered with a ceremony that has incredible truth and dignity.

    Meaningful, intelligent and creative Ceremony Design allows you a healthy way to start your grief journey.

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    A Ceremony for Our Times

    Working through email, phone and zoom

    • Family Meeting
    • Ceremony design and creation
    • Eulogy written or guidance for a family member to write
    • Readings provided
    • Editing and professional guidance
    Recommended as comfort for a small family/friend gathering, with the intention of a larger ceremony in the future.

    celebrant@lisahartley.com or call 778-228-9105

    VIP Celebrant Service

    Sometimes an exceptional person requires an exceptional service

    • complete interviews with family and friends
    • Full Ceremony design using ritual, ceremony writing and choreographing other speakers
    • working with other professionals
    • warm presence at the personalized service: speaking and guiding all those involved
    • on-going personal email and phone contact, 
    • editorial control over ceremony content
    • Keepsake Ceremony 

    celebrant@lisahartley.com or call 778-228-9105

    A Simple Service

    Keeping the ceremony simple and respectful

    • complete interviews with family 
    • simple ceremony design
    • warm presence at the personalized service: speaking and guiding all those involved
    • on-going personal email and phone contact 
    • editorial control over ceremony content
    • Keepsake Ceremony

    celebrant@lisahartley.com or call 778-228-9105

    Graveside or Committal

    A small gathering to say good-bye

    • this sacred act deserves a respectful ceremony that is fitting to the needs of the family and the memory of the one being honoured
    • personal ceremony design and writing
    • warm presence and guidance at the ceremony
    • Keepsake Ceremony

    celebrant@lisahartley.com or call 778-228-9105

    The Hummingbird Project

    Ceremony Re-defined

    Collaboration with Koru Cremation and Simply Ceremony


    • A team approach,  like the aunties of old, capable, competent and compassionate
    • Deep experience and exceptional resources
    • A Funeral Director, and Event Planner and a Celebrant celebrant@lisahartley.com or call 778-228-9105
    For more information about the Hummingbird Project


    If you just need some guidance

    • hourly fees to edit, consult and advise on your end of life ceremonies

    celebrant@lisahartley.com or call 778-228-9105

  • Celebrant Lisa Hartley

    Here to serve you and your family.

    Lisa Hartley

    Family Celebrant

    In my life, I have weathered both life and death of my loved ones, and in doing so, I have witnessed how our personal and family stories give meaning to our lives. Working with Simply Ceremony, your stories will come alive in the form of a ceremony. Within a Celebrant Ceremony, we have space to honour your grandparents, or parents, to have your favourite niece involved or maybe even remember your beloved dogs. All these threads of your life are part of your personal narrative and inform my work for you as a Celebrant.


    My practice includes

    the full spectrum of your life: birth, coming of age, marriage and milestone birthdays and of course the end of life.



    Lisa is trained and certified by the highly respected Celebrant Institute and Foundation and recognized as an interfaith Religious Officiant in the Province of BC. She is registered with Vital Statistics to perform Weddings in British Columbia. With a degree in Fine and Performing Arts, along with a diploma in Journalism, Lisa brings to clients her abundant creative gifts. She volunteers for many organizations, leading a local high-school parent’s advisory council and coordinates the Vancouver Women’s Health Collective free yoga program.


  • Testimonials

    Loss of a friend

    Vancouver, Canada

    Lisa's authentic desire to connect made it easy to feel open and to want to share with her my stories and life experiences with my beloved friend. Her thoroughness and attention to details made me feel I was in good hands and my friend would be honoured by her understanding in her eulogy. Lisa's marvelous sense of humour brings lightness and delight to my interactions with her. She has a creative and outside the box thinking edge that fitted right in with mine, so I loved working and brainstorming with her.

    Marie Naubert

    Loss of their beloved Mother

    Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, Canada

    Lisa's service as my family's Celebrant went far beyond my expectations. She has been remarkably caring, genuinely compassionate, and has helped me immensely in transitioning to a World without my mother. Though we were meeting for the first time, the attentiveness she brought every time we met was that of a long-time friend. There is an undeniable beauty in the service she provides. I am truly grateful for everything she's done.
    Jacques Stephensen

    A Tragic Death

    Jericho Beach, Vancouver

    Island View Beach, Vancouver Island

    Lisa was able to support, very intuitively, generously, and graciously, the process of respectfully honouring my former partner and best friend after his sudden passing. With input from many of his loved ones, she created a ceremony that was performed in two cities for two different groups of his friends that was tremendously heartfelt and filled with more meaning than she could have ever have known. It was hard to believe that she had never met him in person or known of the struggles he had with his mental health prior to his death, but she brought profound meaning to both of the memorial services.

  • Media

    Things I've said, what you may have heard!

    June 10, 2020 · Memorial,grief,ritual,ceremony,pandemic
    Is it possible to live through this challenging time, and mourn the death of someone close? We can and we must. Historically, we use ceremony, ritual and community gatherings to navigate our losses. Yet, in the midst of the pandemic we are told not to gather in groups. However, we can create...
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